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Why Healthcare Needs Universe mHealth

Healthcare has struggled to keep up with other industries in the adoption of technology. Healthcare organizations have opted for the use of small, “piecemealed” solutions, as oppose to tackling the bigger problem. Here are some of the reasons why healthcare can benefit greatly from Universe mHealth:

1) Connecting Patients to Providers and Staff

Patients often live busy lives. A patient working a full-time, Monday to Friday job may not have the opportunity to wait on hold with their doctor’s office in order to make an appointment. More and more, patients are seeking the convenience of online communication to do everything from make an appointment, to ask their provider a question.

2) Brand Loyalty

Offering patients convenient self-service tools in an app, and furthermore, that app being installed on the patient’s phone creates brand loyalty. In today’s hyper-competitive healthcare marketplace, this is of ever-increasing importance.

3) Improved Efficiency

The profitability of healthcare organizations is rapidly decreasing, forcing healthcare organizations to seek out new ways to reduce operating costs. A feature-rich mobile app provides patients with self-service tools such as self-scheduling and bill pay, which can greatly improve both efficiency and in the case of bill pay, collection rates.

4) A foundation for patient engagement

Patient engagement is on the minds of all healthcare executives, but healthcare organizations are struggling to translate concern into real, scalable solutions. Universe mHealth provides healthcare organizations with a foundation to build a successful patient engagement strategy on. A single app, available for iOS and Android that will stay on most patients’ phones, allowing for new features to be added over time.

Universe helps healthcare organizations take a giant leap in terms of the adoption of modern technology solutions.