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mHealth App

An “mHealth App” is an app offered by a healthcare organization to their patients. Patients use these mHealth Apps to access self-service tools such as pay my bill, schedule an appointment, send a message to my provider, access my lab results, find a physician and view my medical records.

Mobile Health App

Healthcare organizations have struggled to provide patients with the self-service features they have become accustomed to as consumers in other industries (ie. travel, retail and finance). The pressure is mounting for healthcare organizations to gain market share over their competitors by attracting and retaining patients. Offering patients a single mobile healthcare app which is easy-to-use, feature-rich, and safe helps healthcare organization achieve this goal.

Universe makes publishing an mHealth App easy

Universe mHealth helps healthcare organizations to publish world-class apps, with rich functionality to help attract new and retain existing patients. Universe mHealth cuts the time and cost of publishing app by two to three times, using their market-leading platform. Here’s how it works.

One App for all Your Patient-Facing Features

Universe mHealth is the maker of healthcare’s turn-key mobile health app solution for medium to large-sized clinics, hospitals, and health systems. The Universe mHealth applications enables healthcare organizations to publish their own, branded mobile app with a suite of pre-built features, including:

  • Health summaries
  • Bill pay
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Messaging
  • Urgent care wait times
  • Physician search
  • Location search
  • Patient education
  • News
  • And more…

Healthcare organizations can select from the existing features mentioned above while also developing custom features – with the goal of having a single patient-facing app for the entire healthcare organization.

Mobile Health App Development

The customization aspect of the Universe mHealth App Platform is an important part of the solution. No two healthcare mobile application organizations are alike and in the hyper-competitive healthcare marketplace, healthcare organizations need the ability to showcase their uniqueness. Universe mHealth gives healthcare organizations the ability to add custom features to the mHealth app while preserving ownerships rights of these features. With the platform, the development of custom features is easier than building an mHealth app from scratch. The mHealth app developers at Universe mHealth will work with you from idea, to launch, to maintenance to ensure your patients can use the custom features easily and safely.

mHealth Application

Universe mHealth’s market-leading mHealth application offers healthcare organizations a number of benefits when compared to developing their own custom mHealth applications or utilizing the non-branded mobile healthcare applications provided by EHR vendors. Some of these benefits include:

  • iOS and Android compatibility with a single codebase
  • A singular app platform for the entire healthcare organization
  • Private-label branding
  • Ability to select from a suite of pre-built features or add your own custom features
  • Support for multiple, concurrent interfaces (ie. multiple EHRs, RCMs, data sources)
  • Advanced patient authentication and security
  • Lower maintenance thanks to Universe’s REACT Native-based technology

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To learn more about Universe mHealth App Platform and the custom functionality that is available, please Contact us today.

Next-Generation Mobile Health Technology

Mobile technology in healthcare is an ever-growing market and is becoming a major factor in a patient’s decision on where to seek care. In order to have a successful mobile app, you must have rich interfaces with source systems. Access to data in these source systems should be done via the native user interface of the app, not linking the patient out to another app or a web page. The reason these are considered best practices is that the user is able to go through the full functionality of the mobile app without changes to layout and design, without the need to provide additional login credentials (other than what would be required in the app itself).

The interface capabilities of Universe mHealth is what sets their mobile health technology apart from the rest on the market.

Interfaces Made Easy

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Software

Universe’s mHealth app supports bi-directional integration with your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software, connecting patients with their demographic, appointment, and financial information. Patients can view their invoices/statements and make payments in a secure, PCI-compliant way. Patients can also view/cancel upcoming appointments or create new ones with Universe’s bi-directional self-scheduling interface. Universe also supports patient check-in/intake–integrating demographic, appointment, financial and clinical data sources into a convenient, check-in workflow. Interface technologies supported include HL7 (ie. ADT, DFT and SIU), FHIR and APIs. CSV or flat-files are also supported.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

Universe’s mobile healthcare app supports bi-directional integration with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, connecting patients with their clinical information and providers. Patients can receive CCD-based health summaries and view them in an easy-to-read format. Lab results, including normal ranges, are also available via the CCD or an HL7 ORU. Prescription refill requests can be made in Universe and then sent to EHR for approval. Bi-directional, real-time messaging with providers and their team is easy with Universe. Attachments can also be included with messages. Universe also supports patient check-in/intake, integrating demographic, appointment, financial, and clinical data sources into a convenient check-in workflow. Interface technologies supported include CCD, HL7 (ie. ORU, MDM), FHIR and APIs. CSV or flat-files are also supported.

Provider Database

Connect your provider database (i.e. website provider search data source) or physician credentialing system to Universe’s mhealth app, allowing patients to search for providers with images by speciality, location, sex, language, etc. Interfaces via both API and flat-files with image references are supported.

Location Database

Connect your location database (i.e. website location search and/or wait times data source) to Universe’s mhealth application, allowing patients to browse locations. With geolocation support, patients can find the location nearest to them. Interfaces via both API and flat-files with image references are supported.

Patient Education

Publish your patient education library to the mhealth healthcare application, allowing patients to browse the library to find educational materials that are relevant to them. Universe supports multiple interface methods for patient education libraries, including API, HTML, URL redirect and iframe.


Connect to your WordPress or similar RSS news feed generated from any Content Management System (CMS). News can be published in real-time in the mobile health app as it is published to your website. Images can also be included in the news articles.


What is a mHealth app?

An mHealth app is an iOS or Android-based mobile application which allows patients or providers to access health related information. That being said, an mHealth app is more frequently referred to as an app for patients to perform tasks such as access medical records, communicate with their providers, access patient education and make an appointment. Universe mHealth App Platform is an mHealth app which performs all of the above mentioned functions.

On what operating systems can a mHealth app be designed? 

iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) are the most popular platforms. There are other platforms for apps, but in healthcare, when the term mHealth App is used, 99% of the time it is for an iOS or Android app.

For which type of health organizations can you create a mHealth app? 

As the cost to publish an app is moderate-high, the publishing of a branded mHealth app is typically reserved for businesses with more than 100 employees. Universe for example provides mHealth apps to any clinic, hospital or health system.

What are the benefits of a mHealth app for patients? 

Patients can take greater control of their care by accessing their medical record, creating/editing/canceling appointments, paying bills online, learn about conditions and medications, find a new provider or location near them, etc.

What are the benefits of a mHealth app for providers? 

Self-service tools for patients make it easier for providers and their staff to manage their patient population. For value-based healthcare organizations, there are significant benefits to having an mHealth app which helps patients to live healthier lives and increases communication between the provider and patient.

Are Universe’s mHealth apps HIPAA compliant? 

Yes, Universe follows all pertinent HIPAA regulations. This includes the encrypted storage, transmission and backup of PHI.

Can a mHealth app be integrated with RCM? 

Yes, Universe supports bi-directional interfaces to many popular EHR, RCM and PM software systems. Universe also supports interfaces to other source data systems such as provider databases, news/blogs, urgent care wait times systems, patient education software and more.