Universe mHealth enables enterprise-level healthcare organizations to publish their own, client-branded mobile app with extensive functionality for interfaces, patient medical records, appointment scheduling, messaging, bill pay and more. Hospitals, health systems and clinics can select from a suite of existing features, while relying on Universe’s experienced team to develop client-specific custom features – with the goal of having a single app for the entire healthcare organization and its patients. This is the Universe mHealth App Platform.


Cross-platform by nature using the best mobile app development software – React Native. Advanced functionality for development of new modules and integration to 3rd party systems.


Prebuilt EHR, PM and 3rd party software systems’ interfaces. 100% vendor agnostic. Support for multiple concurrent interfaces. Build your own interfaces or let us build them for you.


Library of modules to choose from – including bill pay, Rx refill requests, physician/location search, urgent care wait times, secure messaging, appointment scheduling, C-CDA health summaries and lab results.


Your app available for download in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Branded to your business both in the store and in the app itself. Easy for patients to download and register.


APPOINTMENTS24/7, no calls necessary

Full support for patient appointment 
self-scheduling and reminders.

BILL PAYOnline, through the app

Bi-directional support to your RCM/PM software system for PCI-compliant bill pay.

MESSAGING100% HIPAA-compliant

Send and receive messages between
the mHealth app and your EHR.


C-CDAs, lab results and documents sent 
securely to your patients from your EHR.

REMINDERSSMS, email, & push

Notifications for appointments, messages, 
billing statements and medical records.

WAIT TIMESKeep potential visitors updated

Real-time publishing of urgent care or 
emergency department wait times.


mHealth App
Physician Search Mobile App
Physician Scheduling Mobile App
Appointment Scheduling Mobile App

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  • “WESTMED’s adoption of the mHealth App Platform was in direct response to our patients’ request to communicate from a mobile device with their care providers. This solution will enrich the patient experience, increase patient involvement in their healthcare, improve care coordination, enhance patient-physician communication and, most importantly, improve patient outcomes. In short, this tool will provide patients with a way to actively participate in their own health and wellness.”

    Merin JosephCIO, WESTMED Medical Group - NY

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Don’t see your EHR vendor or system listed here? Ask us how we can help you integrate your software to Universe mHealth today! Integrations are easy with our fully-documented API and support for multiple, concurrent interfaces.

Pre-built integrations to vendors such as…

Pre-built integrations to systems such as…

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Practice Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Physician credentialing systems
  • Urgent care wait times systems
  • Blogs
  • Event calendars


Today's healthcare consumer is engaging more and more with the world around them through mobile applications and devices. In response to patient demand, healthcare organizations have already begun accumulating multiple mobile apps, asking patients in some cases to download as many as four different mobile apps. This multiple, disparate mobile app offering makes it nearly impossible to engage a patient population and is expensive to maintain. Healthcare organizations are deeply challenged to meet the market demand for a modern, self-service and HIPAA-compliant mobile application. Without the necessary internal IT resources and knowledge to successfully create, market and maintain mHealth applications, projects face imminent failure.

About Us

Universe mHealth is a team of passionate and experienced healthcare IT experts who pride themselves in taking practical approaches to some of healthcare’s toughest IT challenges. Offering healthcare organizations an end-to-end solution, not just another piece of software.


Universe mHealth is a mobile application developed and incubated in Medical Web Experts. Healthcare’s most innovative web and mobile app development company, with 14 years of experience and serving such clients as Baylor, MedStar, UMass, WESTMED and many more. Their unique, vendor-neutral and holistic approach to the development of custom solutions has resulted in the creation of Universe mHealth - a mobile app platform that truly empowers healthcare organizations to engage their patient population, reduce operating costs and improve patient outcomes.



With over 13 years of experience in the health IT industry, John is also the founder of Bridge Patient Portal and Universe's parent company Medical Web Experts.

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With over 7 years of experience in the medical and legal fields, Jared specializes in the planning and implementation of complex projects for enterprise-level clients.

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Lio is a software architect with 10 years of experience in large-scale application development, and has been working in healthcare IT since 2014.

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