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mHealth Solution

An “mHealth Solution” provides healthcare organizations with a mobile app for patients and/or providers/staff to access. Patients are seeking greater convenience when it comes to managing their healthcare and are seeking care from organizations that provide self-service tools through these “mHealth Solutions”. Some of these self-service tools include the ability to pay a bill, make an appointment, message with their provider and view medical records.

Mobile Healthcare Applications System

Today’s consumer is engaging more and more with the world around them through mobile applications and devices, creating a minimum expectation that the businesses they purchase from provide self-service tools in the form of  mobile apps. In response to patient demand, healthcare organizations have implemented “first generation” mobile apps, and in many cases already begun accumulating multiple mobile apps, asking patients in some cases to download as many as four different mobile apps. This multiple, disparate mobile app offering makes it nearly impossible to engage a patient population, is expensive to maintain, and has lost the confidence of the patient. To date, healthcare organizations have been deeply challenged to meet this market demand for a modern, consolidated, and HIPAA-compliant mobile app. Without the necessary internal IT resources and knowledge to successfully create, market, and maintain mHealth applications, projects face imminent failure.

mHealth Solution

Universe mHealth is a universal mobile app solution (a.k.a. mHealth solution) for iOS and Android offering medium and large healthcare organizations a secure and scalable platform for all their online patient services. The user interface is easy-to-use for patients of all ages and features a wealth of functionality, including:

  • iOS and Android compatibility
  • A singular app platform for the entire healthcare organization
  • Private-label branding
  • Ability to select from a suite of pre-built features, or add your own custom features
  • Support for multiple, concurrent interfaces
  • Advanced patient authentication and security

Functionality for:

  • Bill pay: Bi-directional interface support to the RCM/PM’s financial information enabling patients to see unpaid invoices and pay in a PCI-compliant manner
  • Rx refill requests: Search for physicians in the network by specialty and location.
  • Physician search: Search for physicians in the network by specialty and location
  • Location search: Find the closest locations and if urgent care is available, know the wait times. Quickly access directions to these locations
  • Urgent care wait times: Real-time urgent care wait times listed by location.
  • Secure messaging: Securely send and receive messages between patient and staff or provider
  • Appointment scheduling: Full support for bi-directional patient appointment self-scheduling with advanced/custom workflows
  • Self check-in: Patients can check-in for their appointment on their phone in the waiting room to complete intake forms, sign consent documents and pay co-pays
  • Patient notifications/reminders: Notifications and reminders for new invoices, messages, medical records, lab results, etc. Notifications via push and/or SMS
  • CCDA based health summaries: Longitudinal CCDAs and CCDA-based progress notes made available to the patient
  • Lab results: Browse lab results once signed off by the physician. Easily view results outside of the reference ranges
  • Proxy accounts: Parents can manage their children’s accounts as if it was their own from a single app

Mobile Healthcare

Mobile healthcare solutions is the clear future for how patients will interact with their healthcare providers online. Mobile traffic has already eclipsed that of PC-sourced traffic, and this trend is expected to continue. It is therefore crucial that healthcare organizations begin investing in mobile healthcare technology. Universe mHealth provides healthcare organizations with an easy way to move towards mobile, and is a scalable solution that can be the foundation of a healthcare organization’s mobile strategy for years to come.

Publishing a successful mHealth solution

Universe helps healthcare organization take the guesswork out of publishing a mHealth solution. As the app platform is built with the principals of successful app development, healthcare organizations don’t need to learn how to develop an app. Here are some best practices for publishing an mHealth solution.

mhealth solution