Today’s consumer is engaging more and more with the world around them through mobile applications and devices, creating a minimum expectation that the businesses they purchase from provide self-service tools in the form of a mobile app. In response to patient demand, healthcare organizations have already begun accumulating multiple mobile apps, asking patients in some cases to download as many as four different mobile apps. This multiple, disparate mobile app offering makes it nearly impossible to engage a patient population and is expensive to maintain. To date, healthcare organizations have been deeply challenged to meet this market demand for a modern, consolidated and HIPAA-compliant mobile app. Without the necessary internal IT resources and knowledge to successfully create, market and maintain mHealth applications, projects face imminent failure.

The following guide helps healthcare organization understand the options they have for launching a mobile app. Going beyond the basic “build” or “buy” options, the guide highlights the major differences in functionality that the leading health systems’ apps have.

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