Medical Web Experts Announces HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Hosting Solution

Definition: HIPAA compliant hosting refers to the hosting service of website, application or data storage that comply with the physical safeguard requirements of the HIPAA security rule.

The cloud computing trend provides an excellent opportunity for innovation in the healthcare sector. Provisioning security services has the ability to improve the overall security of some organizations while meeting HIPAA requirements, and the biggest beneficiaries of this are likely to be small to medium-sized healthcare organizations with few IT administrators and who can achieve the economies of scale that were traditionally only available to larger organizations with sizeable data centers.

MWE announces new HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

However, not all HIPAA compliant hosting services are alike. This is touched on in a press release by Medical Web Experts announcing the launch of a new HIPAA compliant cloud hosting service called the MWE Cloud. This hosting service goes beyond the standard HIPAA compliant cloud hosting offering found on the market today by providing a suite of features that support the rapid development of website and applications. The compliance and security features that are required for a HIPAA compliant healthcare hosting environment often means that functionality that supports rapid and secure development is sacrificed. The MWE Cloud, also used by the Universe mHealth App Platform, is designed to make HIPAA compliant websites and applications easier to develop and maintain, as well as more secure. Universe mHealth App Platform requires faster deployment of client installations, making the MWE Cloud a perfect mHealth hosting solution.

The new cloud hosting service offers a suite of benefits, including:

  • Support for faster service-based development
  • The ability to manage infrastructure as code
  • Seamless log tracing
  • Support  for scalable software design
  • Restricted and secure access to ePHI
  • Rapid and seamless deployment
  • Robust service monitoring with optional client notifications
  • Build and run stages can easily be kept securely separated, but identically configured


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